CHC Teleservices Inc. is a leading product development and services company in the area of electronic and communication which is providing world class cutting edge technology product and services across India and having a huge asset over hundred qualified human resources from different specialization area. This company started from a small city, Barabanki of India and now this is disseminating it’s name all around the country.We are also in line of collaboration with world leader companies, so that technology gap between our developing country and developed country can be filled up.

Our Aim/Mission/Vision

Vision: To achieve target and create excellence performance


  • Provide value added service.
  • Maintaining long-term relationship with customers.
  • Full-fill the customer’s needs .
  • Exceed Client expectation by supplying the finest resources
  • Conducting our business honestly and ethically

  • Customers first.
  • Trusting and respecting individuals.
  • Team work
  • High Priorities for our environments
  • Helping nation for social economics

  • To be a customer focussed company providing state-of-the-art products & services.
  • To raise market ability up to global level
  • To attain technological leadership.
  • To introduce quality at introduction level itself.
  • To strive for hundred percent customer satisfaction
  • To create such a working environment for people to realise their full potential through continuous learning & team work.

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Company Profile

Apart from this, we also offer Cell site infrastructural work & Electrical Equipments Installation & Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance Services to our clients.

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